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The following are lists of properties owned by the Chester Economic Development Authority (CEDA) and the Chester Redevelopment Authority (CRA):

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12th and Welsh Streets

Property Description: Two parcels - just off of I95 and east of the Deshone Museum property.

Folio Numbers: (A) 49-02-00060-02 and (B) 49-02-00059-02 (KOZ)

Address: 12th Street and Welch Street, Chester, PA 19103

Owner: City of Chester

Size: (A) 25X110 feet  (B) .9 acres

Price: To be determined

The above information may be out of date or contain errors or omissions.  For confirmation or further information, please contact the Chester Economic Development Authority at One 4th Street, City Hall, Chester, PA or by phone at 610-447-7861.