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CEDA General Description

In 1995, the Chester Economic Development Authority (CEDA) was created by the City of Chester to serve as the administrative agent for the City’s economic, housing, and community development programs and activities. In this capacity, the Authority is engaged in an ongoing effort to promote business growth, attract new investment, and develop Chester as a safe, livable, sustainable community.

Through a Cooperation Agreement with the City, the Authority manages several federal programs including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, HOME Investments Partnership (HOME) program and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program. Decisions on the use of these funds are made by City Council with the Authority handling the program and/or project management. Details on the actual programs and activities carried out with these funds are provided in the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) submitted to HUD on an annual basis.

In addition, CEDA assists the City in the application for and administration of project specific funding requests to federal agencies and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

CEDA Board Members

Darrell Jones - Chairperson
Francis Whittington - Vice Chairperson
Rasheedah Myers-Lee - Secretary
Desmond Irving - Treasurer
Christina Delva
James Harper, Jr.
Brett Roe




CEDA Board Meetings for 2018 (meetings start at 5:30pm)

January 30th July 24th
February 27th August 28th
March 27th September 25th
April 24th October 23rd
May 22nd November 27th
June 26th December 18th






CEDA Staff Directory

Main Number - Information    610-447-7850
Executive Director Drake Nakaishi 610-447-7853
Director of Housing Lisa Gaffney 610-447-7861
Director of Community Development Jo Ann Ruark 610-447-7854
Accounting   610-447-7864


CRA General Description

The Chester Redevelopment Authority was established in 2000 under the Pennsylvania State Redevelopment Law. CRA works with CEDA and the City in the administration of redevelopment activities, including but not limited to, the acquisition of real estate for the assemblage of developable sites, negotiation of redeveloper agreements, and disposition of real estate for new developments. CRA also has the power of eminent domain. CEDA staff provide administrative services to CRA through the terms of a Management Agreement.

CRA Board Members

John Neal - Chairperson
Sam Williams - Treasurer
Eugene Alliston
John Bush
James Turner






CRA Board Meetings for 2018 (meetings start at 1:00pm)

January 3rd July 11th
February 7th August 1st
March 7th September 5th
April 4th October 3rd
May 2nd November 7th
June 6th December 5th